Bolex clockwork 8mm camera with zoom lens.

This is an early model with the lens viewfinder being on the lens rather than the camera.

Bolex cameras were at the top end of the amateur cine camera range in the days of clockwork standard 8 movies.

Quarz V clockwork 8mm camera with zoom lens.

Made in the USSR this camera was very popular with amateur movie makers. Good value for money and reliable. Note the scuffing on mine from use. Of all the cameras displayed on these pages this is the one that has had the most use being my personal camera in pre-video days. The others, especially Bolex could not be afforded until Video had overwhelmed film.

Minolta electric 8mm camera with zoom lens.

Battery powered regular 8mm cameras were not very common. This one also has a reloadable charger holding the film reel. This makes the necessary change over half way through the film much easier.