9.5mm clockwork cine camera.

With a slightly larger film size than 8mm and sprockets down the centre 9.5mm offered better value for money than 8mm.

Unfortunately the 8mm VHS won out over the 9.5mm Betamax as 8mm had Kodak and the USA behind it.

Single 8 electric cine camera.

Film was the same size as super 8mm but in a different form of charger that was more compact. Promoted by the Fuji company it ran in parallel with super 8. The style of cartridge meant that very compact cameras were possible. In terms of pocket-ability they could compete with analogue video, but not digital video.

 Super 8mm electric cine camera.

This is an example of a low cost point and film cine camera. They were very poopular with people who just wanted snapshot home movies.

16mm Kodak clockwork cine camera.

I actually filmed with this once and it worked.